Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of us in the U.S. I know we’ve all heard how blessed we are as Americans but let’s strip things back and realize again how much we are truly blessed.

  • The average American has clean drinking water. Over 3 billion people, that’s billion with a capital B, don’t have that luxury. Did I mention I love the work of charity: water?
  • Approximately 137 million Americans live on less than $6,000 a year. If you make any amount more than that, you are wealthy in the eyes of billions, including almost half of our fellow Americans.
  • If you’re a typical American, you probably drive to work. Millions of people around the world walk to work and no, it’s not because they just like stretching their legs.
  • At the job where you just got a four day weekend, you probably get a lunch break. You have food to eat on that lunch break. Millions of people only get one meal a day. You get a half hour to an hour to eat what’s probably your second of three meals for that day.
  • Speaking of jobs, if you have one, the unemployed 9% of America’s work force would probably love to be in your place. Even if your job sucks, trust me, it’s better than being unemployed.
  • If you’re celebrating today, you’re probably spending time with your family, likely one or both of your parents. There are over 163 million orphans worldwide who would love that chance.

We have so much to be grateful for today. The most important gift is the cross of Christ that levels human barriers, bridges our insufficiency, and gives us hope and forgiveness again. Thank God for the cross and redemption.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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