My Travels – MLB Stadiums: Coors Field, Colorado Rockies (July 15, 2011)

One of my dreams growing up was visiting all the MLB stadiums. Of course, I’d have to be rich and not be married for a long time and make millions first before that would ever happen. At least, that’s what my nine year old brain told me.

I had no clue Kara was a huge sports fan when we first met. In fact, on the decades-long advice from my mother, I avoided talking about sports when I first met any attractive girl so I wouldn’t scare them off. It turns out, if the girl loves baseball as much as you do, you marry her the first chance you get. And you get your engagement pictures taken in Coors Field. Seriously.

Engagement Pictures at Coors FieldWhat’s this have to do with Coors Field? Our first few months of marriage we lived in Denver and surprise, we also had season tickets. It was the week after we got married when we first decided to try visiting all the MLB stadiums. Far-reaching, yes. Out of the question, not with this tag-team of awesomeness. Our journey started at Coors, which is why this is the first stop in our tour book.

Over the past twenty years I’ve seen more games at Coors Field than I can count. It’s not fair to try reviewing such a landmark location in my life as a fan, but I’ll give it a try. What I can promise is a few hometown tips and secrets you may not know about the mile high home of the Colorado Rockies.

To say Coors Field is nice would be a massive understatement. It’s in the most beautiful state in the country and sits under 300 days of sunshine a year. There are few things better than playing hookie at a Rockies game on a Wednesday afternoon in the sunshine wearing your shades and nursing a Blue Moon.

If you want to see one of America’s greatest ballparks (and I’ve 28 of them to compare), keep this in mind when visiting Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies…

  • Tickets – Here’s the deal: get your tickets at King Soopers. They run deals for Rockies tickets all the time and they’re usually a great discount.
  • Parking – Coors Field is the only place where I’ve seen a parking sign for $60 or more. The guy probably ran out of cannabis. (Speaking of weed, there’s an interesting contact high if you sit in the outfield bleachers for a night game. Just FYI.) For parking, the best bet is to head north on Market on east side of the ballpark to 24th Street. There’s free parking all around that area and it’s less than six blocks from the ballpark.
  • Did you know there’s a microbrewery located under Coors Field? The Sandlot has its headquarters on the southern side of the ballpark and its brewery containers live under the field.
  • It’s Colorado, which means bring any type of rain gear. I’ve seen it hail, rain, and sunshine all in the same Rockies game. Kara’s seen it snow there, too.
  • Food – Try Helton’s Burgers in the outfield section. Coors also has a variety of gluten, veggie, and paleo-friendly food options because it’s Colorado. If you want a really nice view of the ballpark and the mountains, make reservations at the Mountain Ranch Club.
  • If you want a great time before or after the game, hit LoDo on the south side of the ballpark. It has bars, clubs, and the best hotdog vending cart around on the southeast corner of Wynkoop and 19th Street. Two dogs, a pop of choice, and chips for $6. That, my friend, is a sweet deal.

Jon and Kara at Coors Field

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