Friday List – June 17, 2011

It’s Friday and the Friday List is my random collection of ideas, resources, and all of the other gems that I come across that don’t quite fit in any other bin except potpourri.

  • If you haven’t caught any of this season of The Voice, I would recommend watching Javier Colon’s audition. I like the concept of judging someone first on their voice before their appearance.
  • Interesting post from Mark Driscoll in response to Westboro Baptist Church.
  • Tim Challies shares on the value of families eating together.
  • I have a lot of respect for what Taylor Swift has done with the setup and creativity she’s put into her Speak Now tour. It’s unbelievable complex and highly creative, not to mention having a good amount of class to it.
  • Creative of the Week: Gift Paper.
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