The opinions that shape us

It’s easy to let someone else’s opinion of you influence your life. It can be good, bad, or even destructive but whatever it is, it’s easy to think that just because one person says something means that it’s automatically true.

This isn’t a group of people saying it, it’s only one person who’s close to you. It may be a parent, sibling, spouse, boss, or friend but if they say it, it must be true, right? They wouldn’t say anything to hurt you or even worse, lie to you, would they?

Someone can say that you’re the worst at confronting people and that you’re too blunt but in reality, it may be that you’re more confrontational than they are and your candor makes them uncomfortable. On the other hand, someone can say that you’re incredibly gifted at something and it can be absolutely untrue. Want an example? Watch any season of American Idol.

It’s one example, maybe a good one, maybe not, but you can fill in the blank with your own example. Whatever the situation may be, we do ourselves a massive disservice when we build our opinion and even our perspective off of one person’s input on our life. They may or may not be right in their opinion but we have to start building our self-esteem on what Christ has done for us and not from what only one person says about us.

You have a choice to make when it comes to being shaped by others’ opinions. You can either continue living in whatever parameters that fallen human beings erect around you or you can realize that God can redeem whatever situation you’re in for His glory. It’s your choice, no one else’s.

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