Defining Moments: Embarrassment

I remember one of the first time I got embarrassed and no, I’m not going to share that moment with you.

Why not?

Because it’s embarrassing and when you’re embarrassed you’re self-conscious and open and raw and at a loss as to what to say or do. You’ve been exposed in a way that you hoped had never happened and now you’re left with something that you think is shameful and unforgettable.

Now what? Now that everyone has seen you in this situation and you’re left grasping for an explanation or a cover-up, what do you do next?

This is a defining moment and it’s one that I think we face more often than we’d like to admit. Whether it be our family, our career, our finances, or even the health of our faith we all have those pockets of life that we hope will never be exposed.

When embarrassment happens though you have a choice to make: do I let the fact that I’m human help me or hinder me? Will I do everything that I can to cover up that I’m not perfect and a work-in-progress? Will I let my embarrassment or my security in Christ define myself and the situation?

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