Defining Moments: Rejection


It’s the word we have all come to dread at one point or another.

It’s the sound of rejection, the sound of a slamming door, the sound of heartache and defeat. It’s the switch turning on the big flashing neon sign in your mind that screams, “You’re not good enough for ______”

Rejection is the sound of a phone being hung up after that stomach-dropping conversation. It’s the email popping up from a potential employer saying they’ve chosen someone else. It’s the inevitable conversation that we never wanted to hear but had a good idea that it might be coming anyways.

Rejection can be found in some of the most defining moments of our lives. If we let it rejection can deflate us and leave us with a pretty bleak outlook. But it’s the “no’s” of life that make the “yes’s” that much sweeter. Maybe not being “good enough” in one area gives you an opportunity to see what God has planned.

Rejection may be the sound of a closing door but maybe it was a door we were never meant to walk through in the first place. For all the “not good enough’s,” the “mediocre,” the “pink slips,” and the “dumped,” rejection might be one of the best things to happen in your life depending on how you allow God to use it.

How you respond to rejection will define how you handle it in the future. This is more than just making lemonade out of lemons; this is a deep, abiding trust that God will make something beautiful out of something broken.

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