Defining Moments: Perspective

There are times in life where we look back and can pick out the moments that were the most impacting in shaping us into who we are today. They’re defining moments, moments when we realize that God used them to give meaning and significance and and depth to who we are.

They might be scars from lessons learned. They might be trinkets and souvenirs on a shelf or desk from that life-changing trip you took. Or they might be just a memory we revisit like an old friend from the past. Whatever they are, they remind us of places we’ve been that have defined our character, our direction, or our personal growth.

The problem with defining moments is that we usually don’t recognize them when they come along. Maybe we’re too blinded by the pain or stress of a job loss or a divorce to recognize these moments. Maybe we’re so close to these moments that we really can’t see the forest through the trees.

I’m wanting to do a self-journey into defining moments from a different angle. Over the next few days I’m going to wrestle with the elements of some defining moments that we sometimes mislabel, like disappointment, awkwardness, and failure. Some of this might be my own optimism, which I’m okay with with, but isn’t the whole idea of defining moments build on a positive outlook on the sovereignty of God?

I want to recognize the traits of these defining moments so I can better recognize my opportunities in the future. My hope is that I can see more of the defining moments that God has me in right now.

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