What Should Come With Gray Hair

The other day I was looking at some pictures from back in the day and realized something: there are people in those pictures who now have gray hair who didn’t use to have it. Now I’m not usually a Captain Obvious so hold off on the labels for now because that seemingly obvious statement led me to this train of thought…

These people didn’t gain gray hair over night.

Having gray hair means that they’ve probably seen more things and experienced more struggles, situations, and scenarios than most of us who are alive today.

They didn’t instantaneously gain the years of life experience that are a part of having gray hair. It took time and stress and fears and failures and successes to give them that crown of wisdom.

But just because someone has gray hair doesn’t mean that they’re automatically wise and full of good advice. History shows that just because someone is older doesn’t necessarily mean that they are wiser.

You and I will hopefully get to the point of gray hair in the future if God blesses us with full and long lives. The question is: will we let what caused our gray hair to give us wisdom to share in the future? Or will we ignore what God allows life to teach us and get to the end of life with an illusion of wisdom that we’ve failed to embrace in the end?

Someday, thirty, forty, fifty years in the future, I want to have gray hair that means something more than just being old. I want wisdom. I want my life to have value and insight that will change the lives of those to come. I want my gray hair to mean something when it shows up in the mirror.

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