Things To Do In a Big Blizzard (or when it feels like the Arctic)

It’s official, I’m going completely away from my normal topics today since it was -22 here in Denver last night with a wind chill in the mid-30’s.  Also, most of the Midwest is under 18+ inches of snow.  Knowing that I have friends and family who are “enjoying” these pleasant conditions I figured I’d put together a list of things you can do to pass the time.

  1. Pack up any of your summer clothes in case you haven’t done it already.  With the winter that the Midwest has had, you can forget about sunshine until mid-July. (Denverites, it was over 60 here this past Friday.  Don’t tell anyone!)
  2. Do a puzzle.  Relaxing, stress-free, and a good place to have a conversation or two.  If puzzles aren’t your thing, this might be a great way to learn patience.
  3. Plan your summer vacation and dream up what it will be.  If you have the money and the plans, take some of that extra time you have and search for travel deals.  Hotels, airlines, and rental places might be more apt to run special deals for the future during the blizzards and cold to make up for cancellations.
  4. Make a phone call, Skype with a good friend, or write an email or two.
  5. Clean.  Somebody’s got to do it.  It’s better to do it when you have to be indoors instead of when you’d rather be outdoors.
  6. Read a book.
  7. Search for new music online.  Remember that one band that people keep telling you about?  Go find them.
  8. Spend an hour in silence.  Think.  Pray.  Listen.
  9. Exercise.  Get a jump-start on getting that body into summer shape.
  10. Cook up a great meal.  Try cooking something you’ve never tried before.
  11. Create a budget.  If you’re not out and about spending money this might be a good time to re-evaluate your spending.
  12. Do some research on what ministries are doing around the world to end things like extreme poverty, sex slave trading, and the spread of AIDs.  See if you can help them out financially.
  13. Adopt a Compassion child.  If you don’t know about Compassion, you can read my story about it here.
  14. Become informed on what’s happening over in Egypt.  If you’re an American then it’s probably flown under your radar.  Be in the know.  Be praying.
  15. Make a list of your blessings.  Post it somewhere you’ll see everyday like your bathroom mirror, on your night stand, or on your fridge.

Hopefully these will help pass the time during the blizzard and cold.  What do you think?  Did I miss anything?

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