Friday List – January 28, 2011

Happy Friday everyone.  It’s been a long week, school started up again this past Monday.  I can’t wait to start the weekend.  For now though, enjoy the Friday List.

  • The Creation Museum in Kentucky is building a replica of Noah’s Ark.  This might be a prime opportunity to get rid of those two cats in your house.
  • Ever wonder if your pastor has a celebrity look-a-like?  Enjoy.
  • Christian satire website?  Yes, please.
  • Picture of the Week: New Years Babies.
  • Video of the Week:  The Dreaded Stairs.
  • Quote of the Week:  “For nearly a decade now, I’ve begun my workdays by focusing for 90 minutes, uninterrupted, on the task I decide the night before is the most important one I’ll face the following day. After 90 minutes, I take a break.” — Tony Schwartz, Harvard Business Review
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