The Me I Want to Be

We spend a lot of time trying to become the perfect versions of ourselves.

We try to be sexier, smarter, funnier, happier, cooler, more successful, more tech-savvy, more likable, more “in the know”, more, more, more, more!

We try too hard.  We don’t try hard enough.  We care too much.  We care too little.  We think too hard.  We don’t think hard enough.

Ever feel like you’re Peter Pan who’s just trying to chase his own shadow?  So elusive.  As soon as you get close it moves and then it’s out of reach, mocking you from a distance.  Why do we try to catch this ghost of who we hope to be but seems so far out of our reach?  Why can’t we be that hip, classy, super successful, well-admired person that we’ve always hoped to be but haven’t quite achieved?

Maybe the reason we haven’t arrived at that place of being that person we’ve always dreamed to be is because God never intended for us to be that version of ourselves.  Life is more than designer clothes, six-figure jobs, and a chic group of friends.  If we spend all our time chasing those ideals it’s less time that we’re spending in the pursuit of God.

One of the best things you could do is take a moment to realize who God has grown you to be, right here, right now, and how is He wanting to use you today wherever you’re at.

It’s time to stop endlessly chasing your ideal version of yourself, you know, the super smart, super successful, mistake-free version of yourself, and start realizing who God has made you to be for today, for right now.  He isn’t looking for perfect people to do His work; He uses us, insecurities and all.

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