Tales from Sawyerton Springs and Pastor Ward

When I was a kid we had a book that was pretty popular in our family, Tales from Sawyerton Springs by Andy Andrews.  It’s a collection of (mostly) true stories from this town that may or may not exist down in the deep South somewhere that was Andrews’ hometown growing up.  Supposedly.

When I was out at my parents’ house recently I picked it up again and flipped through the pages.  It brought back some memories, memories of great laughs, memorable stories, and the characters you grow to love.  One of the stories that stuck out at me was one about Pastor Ward.  I won’t ruin the whole story but I also won’t do it full justice taking things out of context.  You can read the whole story here.

Maybe it’s because I identify with his struggles as a pastor.  Maybe it’s because I’m reading it through the eyes of a man now  and not a ten-year old boy anymore.  Whatever it is I want to write a list of my own to remind myself of my blessings.

1.  I thank God for the life and breath that fills my lungs.  With at least 2-3 incidents in life that could have killed me, I thank God for being alive today and for being absolutely healthy.

2.  I thank God for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and the second chance He gave to me.

3.  I thank God for being in ministry, even if it is a love/hate relationship at times.  I have a unique opportunity to make an eternal difference.

4.  I thank God for my family.  Dad, Mom, Joy, Tom, Julia, Jenna, Jaella, and Jillian, you are priceless to me and I thank God for you.

5.  I thank God for giving me a purpose and gifting in life.

6.  I thank God for friends who challenge and encourage me to be the man God has called me to be.

7.  I thank God for being able to grow and mature, especially with grad school.  I’d be even more grateful without the school bills though but hey, for now I’ll just say I’m grateful for school.

8.  I thank God for change, even if it is tough and uncomfortable at times.

9.  I thank God for the people who don’t see things the way I see things.  I learn from you and you stretch me to get outside of myself.

10.  I thank God for the ability to create and imitate.  Whether it’s music, art, teaching, performing, or any number of areas, I thank God for the chance to imitate His creativity.

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