A Voice in the Conversation

There are over 144 million blogs currently existing on the Internet.  That’s approximately one blog for every two US citizens.  If everyone wrote an average of 20 posts per month for an average of 240 posts a year, that would average to well over 34 billion posts to be read a year.

That’s a lot of material, a lot of material to sift through, weigh against, and process in your mind.  Stats can be overwhelming, so much material, such and such amount of writing and editing that go into an unfathomable amount of written material.  The numbers are so big that we are numb to the overall meaning of them.

And yet I go on.

There are around 7 billion people in this world and I’m just one of them.  A voice among not just millions, but billions.  Just one person.  Just one voice.  What could I say that will stand out from the masses?  What can I share that will hope to impact more than a few?  Who am I that I could think that my voice is capable of having an impact in the conversations around me?

Many of us are content enough to be echoes of those around us.  We’ve programmed ourselves to absorb and regurgitate the information and thoughts of those around us without giving thought to expressing our own reactions and ideas.  Like a verbal rendition of a Stepford wife we’ve become the willing victim of echoing someone else’s ideas and thoughts instead of instigating and producing our own.

It’s time to break out of that self-imposed echo chamber.  Yes, share the wisdom of those around you but also allow God to speak through you in a new way.  He has given you thoughts and ideas and experiences and ideas that are uniquely you.  He has also placed you in a unique situation to speak from where He has taught you and where He has led you before.

Be a voice in the conversation, not an echo.

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