You Don’t Complete Me

Let’s face it, we’re incomplete.  We’re broken, sinful, and in need of repair.  And we try to fix the fact that we’re incomplete through a variety of ways:

You might bury yourself in your job or career, trying to shake the corporate ladder enough to pass enough people to feel some sort of completion.

You surround yourself with friends, living the high life and schmoozing with the right type of people.  You think that if you have enough friends that you’ll never need anything else ever again.

You date around until you find “the one” and think that person, that special someone, will absolutely fulfill anything you could ever want or need.  You think that person will never disappoint you, let you down, and they definitely wouldn’t betray you, right?  By the way, this is a big problem in Churchland where some couples have set their significant other up as an idol, thinking that all their needs will be met by this equally fallen and broken person.  News flash:  that’s called idolatry.

Maybe you think that you can bury yourself in getting more stuff.  If I could just get the next “____” or the next greatest “____” then I will really be good to go, then everything will be absolutely perfect.

Hey, I find myself saying a lot of that same stuff.  I’ve chased dreams and false hopes of fulfillment in a variety of ways.  I’ve set up these idols in my life, that’s exactly what they are:  they’re idols.

They can’t redeem you.  They can’t forgive your sins.  They don’t hold your future in their hands and are able to provide for your every need.  They will disappoint you, abandon you, and even deceive you at times.  You may get a sense of satisfaction and earthly fulfillment in the moment but they don’t complete you, leaving no need unmet and thoroughly fulfilling every need and desire that you could ever have.

God is the only One who can redeem you and forgive your sins.  He is the only one who promises to never leave you or betray you.  He is the only one who is worthy of our worship.  I need to put this into practice.  It’s time for me to break down some idols in my own life.  God is the only One who can complete me.

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