Friday List – October 1st, 2010

It’s Friday.  Thank God.  Happy 1st Friday in October.

  • A guy in Utah got his lawnmower up to almost 100 mph.
  • When the sun hits a Vegas hotel just right, it turns one section of the pool area into a fry zone.  Enter the Vdara Death Ray.
  • For those of you who really think it takes too long to get dressed in the morning, now you can spray on your clothes.
  • Picture of the Week:  About to Fail.
  • Video of the Week:  How to Be Bully Smart.  Two points for the “Throw Candy in the Face” technique.
  • Quote of the Week:  Facebook status — “Please put this as your status if you know/are related to someone killed on Alderaan when it was obliterated by the Death Star. My wish is that people will understand the Empire is a band of murdering scum. The Rebel Alliance wants only to bring peace to the galaxy, but the Empire continues to kill innocent civilians. …93% of people won’t copy/paste this. Will YOU make this your status for at least an hour?”
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