Friday List – August 27, 2010

The Friday List is getting out late today.  I spent the morning in New Student Orientation for grad school.  Classes start on Monday for my journey towards an MA in Leadership.  Happy Friday everyone.  Do your Friday dance.

  • A Beautiful Mind: Stephen Wiltshire has a gift.
  • A movie critic recently complained that the new movie Expendables is all about explosions and fight scenes and nothing else.  What were you expecting it to be about after you saw the cast list?
  • Picture of the Week: Name Win
  • Quote of the Week:  “I don’t have to be able to perfectly articulate exactly everything that I believe.  I just have to know that I know that I know.”  Wow.  Where do you start with picking apart that reasoning?
  • Video of the Week: Improv Everywhere – New York Library
  • Another great picture – Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart…
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